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Jims Organic Coffee Online Shop

Single Origins

To us at Jim’s, just because a coffee producing country offers an organic coffee is no reason to call it ‘Jim’s.’ Our selections are based on outstanding and consistent cup quality proven over the years. Sure, we see plenty of samples of coffees with interesting names and funky stories attached to them. Yet, we believe it is the quality of the cup which brings your customers back again and again.
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Blends & Roasts

We use our single origins in varying blends and roasts to create unique tastes where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. While our listing is extensive, it never repeats itself; each and every one of these blends and roasts is distinguishable with its own spirit, personality, and taste. We enjoy working with our customers to determine which blends/roasts are best for you and your customers.
Free shipping on all orders over $75.


Our method of choice for decaffeination is the Swiss Water Process®. It offers a true interpretation of the underlying coffee, roasts clean and evenly, and does not compromise the organic integrity of the bean. Just as with any coffee,the selection of the particular green bean is what sets Jim’s apart.
Free shipping on all orders over $75.

Flavored Coffees

Our Naturally Flavored certified organic coffees distinguish themselves because they are all natural and are free from propylene glycol, thus they do not overbear either the consumer or your coffee section with odor. We favor a light roast for these because the coffee taste comes through mildly and thus the flavoring can best be enjoyed. These can be an integral part of your coffee selection because, quite frankly, many customers simply love our flavored coffees!
Free shipping on all orders over $75.

Gift Certificates

Find that special something for your lucky gift recipient! Pick up a Jim's gift certificate so they can pick their favorite bag of beans.

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