Chemex Organic Coffee Brewing

Literally a work of art, the Chemex highlights coffee’s more delicate, aromatic notes. The thicker filter is a big part of yielding great results.

Step 1.

WHAT YOU NEED: Whole Bean Coffee | Chemex & Chemex Filters | Kettle | Timer | Scale

Step 2.

MEASURE: Use scale to weigh coffee according to above chart. Start heating water on the stove or using an electric kettle. Use a few oz more than recipe suggests, you’ll need some to rinse the filter & pre-heat the chemex.

Step 3.

GRIND: Grind coffee to a consistency of kosher salt or coarse sand. Usually this is slightly coarser than what is used for drip coffee.

Step 4.

FILTER: Unfold the chemex filter and place into top of brewer with 3-layered side facing the spout.

Step 5.

RINSE: Pour a few oz of hot water over the filter to rinse. This also pre-heats your chemex. Carefully pull back the side of the filter and discard the rinsing water.

Step 6.

BLOOM: Put coffee into filter and add 75g (or 100g for 32 oz)of water, just enough to cover the grounds. Swirl the chemex to agitate the grounds, or us a chopstick or stirrer to ensure all your grounds are wet. Wait 30 seconds before adding more water.

Step 7.

BREW: Add remaining water in 3 stages, maintaining a level bed about ½ inch below the to edge. Avoid pouring near the edges, and stir after each addition.

Step 8.

FINISH: Give the chemex a swirl as the rest of the water passes through the grinds and allow for it to full drain. Total brew time should be between 4-5 minutes depending on batch size.

Jim's notes:

The Chemex produces a clean, nuanced & delicate cup