Chemex Organic Coffee Brewing

Literally a work of art, the Chemex highlights coffee’s more delicate, aromatic notes. The thicker filter is a big part of yielding great results.

Step 1.

Insert the Chemex filter into the unit then wet with hot water to preheat. Pour out excess water.

Step 2.

Fill filter with the appropriate amount of coffee (below), then shake to settle grinds.

Step 3.

“Bloom” the coffee by pouring hot water to only immerse grinds.

Step 4.

After 20-30 seconds of bloom, carefully saturate the grinds filling cone to just below the edge of the Chemex.

Step 5.

Slowly continue pouring until the coffee level is about 3/4 of an inch below desired yield level.

Step 6.

Carefully remove saturated filter and grinds when level hits desired yield. Enjoy!

Jim's notes:

Why does this remind me
of a hippie kitchen?