Pour Over & Drip Brewing Organic Coffee

This is a quick, efficient way to consistently achieve great coffee. We love brewing into our travel mug daily before hitting the road.

Step 1.

Place ground coffee in filter and put over vessel. Gently shake to settle grinds.

Step 2.

Immerse all grinds with hot (see below) water by pouring in a circular motion. This creates turbulence. Once level at top of cone, keep adding water to keep cone filled.

Step 3.

Check water level in vessel by lifting cone periodically. When there is enough water in cone to fill the cup, stop pouring.

Step 4.

Once vessel is filled, remove cone. Take a deep inhale and enjoy!

Jim's notes:

This is a fast brew time which yields higher acidity, more aromatics and a brighter taste. With repetition, this method can be faster than a pod brewer and the coffee is a 1,000% better!