Pour-Over Organic Coffee

This is a quick, efficient way to consistently achieve great coffee. We love brewing into our travel mug daily before hitting the road.

Step 1.

MEASURE: Use scale to weigh coffee according to above chart. Start heating water on the stove or using an electric kettle. Use a few oz more than recipe suggests, you’ll need some to rinse the filter & pre-heat the cup. Heat water to just off the boil- above 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2.

GRIND: Grind coffee to a medium/fine grind.

Step 3.

FILTER: Fold bottom and side of Melitta filter along the perforated edge. Place filter inside of brewer and set above the cup you’ll be drinking out of.

Step 4.

RINSE: Pour a few oz of hot water over the filter to rinse. This also pre-heats your brewer and cup. Discard water and place brewer back on top of the cup.

Step 5.

BLOOM: Put coffee into filter and add 30-60 g of hot water, just enough to cover the grounds. Pour back and forth over the coffee to saturate, or us a chopstick or stirrer to ensure all your grounds are wet. Start your timer. Wait 30 seconds-1 minute before adding more water.

Step 6.

BREW: Add remaining water by slowly pouring over the coffee, focusing on pouring into dark areas and avoiding areas that look light in color. At this point your timer should say 2-2:30

Step 7.

FINISH: Allow coffee to drip through. Total brew time should be between 3-4 minutes depending on batch size.

Jim's notes:

This is a fast brew time which yields higher acidity, more aromatics and a brighter taste. With repetition, this method can be faster than a pod brewer and the coffee is a 1,000% better!