Now Available: Peru Amazonas APROCCURMA

Limited Edition | Single Origin | Whole Bean Coffee, 10 oz Bag

Tasting Notes:

Stone fruit | Honeysuckle | Sugarcane
When we first tasted this coffee, we were blown away by the quality: clean, sweet sugar cane flavor with subtle floral notes.

100% Women Produced

Producer: Women Producers of the APROCCURMA Co-op
Region: Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas, Peru
Process: Washed, Sun-Dried
Elevation: 1500-1800 meters
Roast: Light

The Women behind the Coffee


This unique coffee is 100% women produced at origin by members of the APROCCURMA Co-Op in the mountains of Peru. These women own their own land and are responsible for the production from planting to harvesting and processing.

On small farms averaging 5 acres each, coffee is intercropped with native trees to provide shade, and dried on raised beds to preserve the quality of the beans. The APROCCURMA Co-op was formed to give small growers the opportunity to bring their coffee to market and improve their livelihoods.

Giving Back: Sustainability Projects


Just as we did in early 2020, we are donating 10% of this coffee’s sales to the APROCCURMA Co-op’s sustainability initiatives. Peru sustainability projects include developing backyard gardens for food security, and promoting trout fishing & production.

Last year’s donation is being used toward building 4 freshwater trout aquaculture systems. Unlike the seasonal crop of coffee, trout farming is year round, and can not only help with hunger but give farmers additional income and help with the local economy.

First introduced in 2020, this Limited Edition is NOW AVAILABLE!

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