Papua New Guinea Korofeigu Coffee

Roast: light

Flavor Notes:

Nicely full-bodied with floral aroma and pleasant earthiness.

Some 70 years ago, areas in Korofeigu were recognized by the administration as perfect conditions for coffee farming. With these areas in mind, the administration sent a few residents off to train in coffee production. At first, many locals couldn’t understand spending so much time on something that would take so long to harvest (coffee requires three years to mature) so, as a result, some plots were neglected. Despite the lack of care, coffee thrived in the rich and moist valley region! Now, coffee is a major source of income for Papua New Guinea. Talk about patience! We are proud to work with the Korofeigu Farmer’s Cooperative Society, which has over 90 members. With support from other area groups, the Co-op links farmers to important resources that are helping improve the lives of those in their communities. Kudos to Korofeigu!

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