Category: Brewing our Coffee

Quick & Easy Iced Coffee

While some people prefer hot coffee only, cold coffee is gaining popularity year after year. Cold brew has become a staple in coffee shops and restaurants, and even homes. You may not know the difference between cold brew and iced coffee, or you may prefer one to the other, but the thing is – they’re… Read more »

The Body of Coffee

Some of the descriptors we use to talk about coffee can be confusing to the every-day coffee drinker. Acidity, Aftertaste, Body … all of these are present in a cup of coffee, but we’re here to explain to our customers what exactly those words mean. Check out our blog, The Coffee Scoop, for our enlightening… Read more »

Acidity in Coffee: A Good Thing!

We often hear questions about acidity as it relates to coffee. Our customers want to know which coffees are “low acid” and worry about the pH of the beverage. Acidity is totally misunderstood in the coffee world because it’s used to describe favorable characterizes of coffee. Acidity is a good thing! The pH of coffee… Read more »