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Video: How Organic Coffee is Grown

As part of our Mini Lecture Series, Jim talks about how organic coffee is grown, without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Organic coffee is grown is in harmony with nature, at high elevations, under shade and often in rainforest conditions. In this short video, learn about the coffee plant’s growth process, the milling… Read more »

Rwandan Kigeyo | Limited Release #14

Welcome to Rwanda, also known as a land of a thousand hills. Rwanda is located in Eastern Africa, neighboring Uganda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya and Tanzania. We know of great coffees coming from Kenya and Burundi, but since 1904, Rwanda was primarily a commercial coffee producer. In the year 2000, however, they entered the specialty coffee… Read more »

Organic Mulch

September is Organic Month and a perfect time to fully appreciate all that our organic coffee farmers do to provide us with the highest quality organic coffee. Achieving “organic” requires years of planning and much patience. Coffee is the second most traded commodity behind crude oil. To keep up with demand, most farmers use pesticides… Read more »