Combating The Coffee “Rust” In Guatemala

A few months ago, we posted about Jim’s trip to Guatemala in June, focusing the content on the school and library we support there. Of course, Jim also spent time visiting the growers who supply our wonderful Guatemalan Atitlan coffee; a small group of about 50 families that take great pride in the quality of… Read more »

Coffee Report: Colombian

Our latest ‘lot’ of Colombian has arrived from a group of farms called Kachalu, where we have been sourcing fine coffee from for many years. The Kachalu farms surround a forest preserve, managed by Fundacion Natura, that protects an endangered species of Andean oak. The farms are part of the Rainforest Alliance certification program and… Read more »

How Our Holiday Blend Donations Have Impacted The Guatemalan Community

Jim’s Trip To Guatemala For over ten years now, Jim’s Organic Coffee has been supporting a school in Tzanchaj, Atitlan, Guatemala- the same location where our Guatemalan coffee comes from. In that time, we have funded the development of a library (stacked with books!), additional classrooms, and made a considerable donation towards training librarians and… Read more »