Coffee Processing Explained

When browsing the info on coffee bags at the grocery store, you may see phrases like “dry process”, “natural” “washed coffee”, or even “honey process”. And unless you’ve done some research you may be completely lost! After coffee is picked it must go through processing before it becomes the dried green bean that we roast… Read more »

Coffee Storage Basics & Pro Tips

You’ve purchased your coffee and brought it home but now what? Put in in the freezer? Pour the beans in jar? Keeping coffee fresh doesn’t have to be complicated. Knowing what depletes coffee’s freshness is the first step in knowing just what to do. The factors that can affect a coffees taste are: Temperature- room… Read more »

Around the World with our Single Origin Coffees

“Where is your coffee from?” customers will often ask us. The answer to the question isn’t as simple as you may imagine. All of the Jim’s Organic Coffee that you receive, whether purchased in a store or directly from us, comes from our roastery on the south coast of Massachusetts. But before that the coffee… Read more »