Video: Selective Picking in Costa Rica

In this video from Jim’s recent trip to Costa Rica, a Hacienda La Amistad worker picks organic coffee in the shade of the rainforest. With the selective picking method, organic farmers choose only the most ripe, red coffee cherries from the coffee plant. Inside each cherry are two coffee beans. Selective picking produces a more… Read more »

Video: Grounds to Ground Sustainability Program

We’re proud to be a part of Grounds to Ground, a sustainability program at UMass Dartmouth that transports Jim’s Organic Coffee grounds to local Sid Wainer & Son farms. The Grounds to Ground initiative collects our used organic coffee grounds from the UMass Corsair Cafe, a campus cafe that brews coffee for faculty and students… Read more »

A Cup of Coffee on the Coffee Farm

Jonathan Cartegena, our Cupping Technician/Educator, describes drinking coffee on the farm in Costa Rica. I woke up the first morning at Hacienda La Amistad still tired from the previous day’s 16 hour journey, and seriously looking forward to a good cup of coffee. Luckily, I was on the best farm in Costa Rica! I left… Read more »