Around the World with our Single Origin Coffees

“Where is your coffee from?” customers will often ask us. The answer to the question isn’t as simple as you may imagine. All of the Jim’s Organic Coffee that you receive, whether purchased in a store or directly from us, comes from our roastery on the south coast of Massachusetts. But before that the coffee… Read more »

Just in Time for Summer: Delicious Cold Brew Drink Recipes

Love Cold Brew? Once you’ve brewed Cold Brew concentrate (click here to learn how), there’s no end to the amount of creative drink recipes you can mix up. Cold Brew concentrate is the perfect base for fun coffee drinks and summery cocktails. Here are a few of our favorites: Cold Brew Egg Cream Ingredients: 1-2… Read more »

Quality Control: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at our Cupping Lab

By Christelle Debeuf You open up that fresh bag of Wonder Brew – a coffee that you’ve been serving your customers for years (maybe decades!) – and smell that familiar aroma. You brew up a cup and it tastes just the same as it always has, a perfect mix of rich chocolate notes paired with… Read more »