Jim’s Organic Coffee Helps Students in Uganda

We are proud to have received the following communique from the Costa Foundation today! Costa is our partner who has built the school where we supplied funds for science equipment as a result of our support last year. “With thanks to Jim’s Organic Coffee’s support, students at Bwesumbu PEAS High School in Uganda now have access… Read more »

Organic Mulch

September is Organic Month and a perfect time to fully appreciate all that our organic coffee farmers do to provide us with the highest quality organic coffee. Achieving “organic” requires years of planning and much patience. Coffee is the second most traded commodity behind crude oil. To keep up with demand, most farmers use pesticides… Read more »

Creativity and Coffee

The tradition of creative thinking in coffeehouses began in the 1500’s, when the coffeehouse first debuted in the Middle East. Almost immediately, they became hang outs for intellectual and creative types. Over the next century or so, coffeehouses expanded into Europe and America and now, of course (and thank goodness), they’re everywhere! Next time you’re in… Read more »