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Jim’s makes exceptional coffee easy.

At Jim’s, we know there are no shortcuts when it comes to making exceptional coffee. That’s why we offer the best training and highest quality equipment—so that every cup that comes out of your place will be consistently exceptional, cup after cup, day after day.

Whether you’re a simple “regular or decaf” restaurant wanting to ensure the last taste guests enjoy is memorable or a more complicated single-cup-pour-over bar serving custom espresso drinks, we customize a training program that will fit your needs and help deliver your vision.

We begin by learning about your space, your clientele, even your local competition. We’ll listen to your specific needs and get to know your goals. Once we really understand where you’re headed, we’ll make recommendations about opportunities to stand out. We’ll recommend specific coffee brews to stock and types of machines to use.

In short, we’ll ensure that you and your team are getting the right coffee, the right equipment, the right training to deliver a great experience over and over again.

A word about organic coffee

You know that organic farming is good for the earth, but did you also know that it produces a more flavorful coffee? That’s because organic farming methods such as mulching and shading result in longer root structure, reduced soil erosion, and a clean rich taste that develops and matures when roasted. We’ve found that organic is the best way to deliver an elevated coffee experience.