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Welcome to something exceptional.

Jim’s Organic Coffee is sourced, roasted, and brewed to be exceptional—day after day, cup after cup. That’s why we’re a leader in providing high-end, top-quality organic coffees to discerning consumers.

Organic farming yields the richest beans

The organic farmers who partner with Jim’s grow their coffee plants the traditional way—in a rich soil under a canopy of assorted shade trees. That effort results in organic coffee beans with deep, complex flavors that develop and mature when roasted, yielding the richest, most delicious coffee.

Packaged for grocery customers

After a 2-year rebranding effort that included market research on what drives the organic coffee consumer, we updated our packaging. The results? Well, they’ve been nothing short of outstanding—Jim’s overall same store sales growth rose 43% nationwide. We know, right?

Jim’s Organic Coffee performs well nationwide

Through our distributor partners and our direct shipping program, we service grocery stores nationwide. We also direct ship anywhere within the continental United States.

Place Jim’s Organic Coffee bags on your shelves for an organic coffee brand that more consumers are turning to for their daily cup of coffee. You in? Contact us to get started.