Supporting Coffee Growing Communities

Our commitment to improving the lives of farming communities in coffee producing countries can be seen through our continued work on the following projects:

The Atitlan School in Tzanchaj, Guatemala, literally down the slopes where our coffee is grown. Our donations have helped:

  • Build additional school classrooms, accommodating more children
  • Add more classrooms after a mudslide devastated a neighbor village
  • Build a library servicing the students and the entire community
  • Create reading and literacy programs
  • Improve basic facilities such as bathrooms
  • Provide teacher and librarian training
  • Fill the library shelves with a wide selection of Spanish books

We continue to support the Guatemalan school and library through a partnership with Child Aid. Now, our Holiday Blend donations help other areas in need.

An orphanage in Tanzania that houses children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS:

Children had to walk or ride bikes for many miles just to get suitable drinking water. With our help, a survey was conducted to see if there was clean water underground and the survey was successful! Working with a church group, we were able to bring clean, safe water to the orphanage and the surrounding community.

The Bwesumbu PEAS High School in Uganda:

Working with The Costa Foundation, we are helping fund a science lab at the Bwesumbu High School as to make a lasting contribution to this rural coffee area. A past Holiday Blend donation of $4,700 went directly to purchase supplies for the new lab!