Regeneratively Grown Organic Coffee

Jim’s Organic Coffee is about so much more than growing coffee without harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It’s about making an environmental difference by creating rich topsoil, fostering biodiversity in and around the coffee farms, and maintaining partnerships with trusted farmers who are true stewards of the land.

"Regenerative Agriculture" refers to sustainable farming methods that combat climate change by replenishing soil’s organic content and rejuvenating depleted soil biodiversity. This process leads to carbon sequestration – removing carbon from the atmosphere.


Regeneratively Grown Coffee

Organic and regenerative agriculture holds immense potential in shaping a sustainable future. Here is what the Organic Farming Research Foundation has to say on organic/regenerative: Benefits such as restoring soil health, protecting local environments, promoting biodiversity, conserving water, and helping communities thrive highlight why these practices are so important for our planet.

True regenerative and organic practices, deeply rooted in holistic and regional approaches, have long been championed by the organic farmers we partner with. The environmental benefits – and the resulting clean, incredible taste of the coffee beans – are why we’ve supported regenerative organic farms for over 25 years.

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