Jim's notes:

Convenient and easy, home brewers do have limitations, such as temperature and brew time control; so we encourage you to explore different ratios to find your best tasting cup.

Drip Organic Coffee

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, then adapt to your own personal taste.

WHAT YOU NEED: Whole Bean Coffee | French Press | Wooden Spoon | Hot Water | Timer | Scale or Tablespoon

PRO TIP: We recommend weighing coffee with a scale and using a timer for best results.

Step 1.

MEASURE: Using the chart, determine how much coffee you
need and grind fresh to a medium grind for flat bottom filters or a medium/fine for cone shaped filters.

Step 2.

FILL: Add filter and ground coffee to the basket. Measure water for your desired amount of coffee and pour into reservoir.

PRO TIP: Pre-wet the filter briefly in sink to remove any paper taste.

Step 3.

BREW: Turn on brewer. Make sure all the water has passed through the grounds before removing carafe. Serve and enjoy!

PRO TIP: If your drip coffee brewer has a warming
plate, you’ll notice a difference in flavor after about 30 minutes. For optimal flavor brew more frequently and avoid leaving on the burner for too long.