Coffee Sourcing

At Jim’s Organic Coffee, our single biggest factor in selecting a coffee – from farm to roast to brew – is quality.

Jim’s experience, along with his relations with suppliers and farmers, allows us to find the highest qualities from the best sources. We’ve been buying from some of the same coffee growers for many years, visiting most personally. These visits are both educational to learn more about the farmers and how they grow and care for their communities as well as quality driven. They know where their coffee is going and deliver “Mr. Jim” the finest they have.

We are an all-organic coffee roaster and the coffees we source, select, and roast are certified organic.

Organic, by definition, means grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. But, organic coffee is much more. Part of our sourcing protocol is confirming our coffees are truly organic before selection and approval. Read more in our SUSTAINABILITY section.

We cup test coffee at every stage of its journey. (Cupping is the coffee trade’s quality control standard.) We cup prior to shipment to the US, we cup test again upon arrival. Only when we are satisfied it meets our high quality standard will we accept delivery into our roasting plant.

Finally, to ensure we bring you a consistently great product, we cup test our daily roasts on a regular basis.