Our Story

25 Years of Exceptional Coffee

Since 1996, Jim Cannell and his team have been sourcing the finest organic coffee beans from around the world and roasting them to perfection. From farm, to roast, to brew... we are dedicated to bringing you coffee with character, so that you can make the perfect coffee moment yours.

Jim's Story

Jim began his coffee career on Wall Street in 1985. He went to downtown Manhattan looking to be a stock or bond broker and ended up on a coffee desk. After being hired away by a few trading houses, he ran a company that was starting to do ‘Specialty’ coffee. “There’s something going on in Seattle, go figure out what’s up” his bosses told him. This is in 1988, before the gourmet coffee revolution exploded.

That experience opened his eyes and taste buds to the world of quality coffee. This is where he also starting getting offers on organic coffee. “Hmmm. This is interesting” he told himself. But roaster buyers of organic were few and far between.

So, from a desire to start his own company and be all organic, in 1992 he started the world’s first all-organic coffee roaster. The early 90’s were a special time to Jim. Always a camper and lover of the outdoors, the 90’s brought an environmental concern that continues to this day. Let’s just say that Jim took “Save the Rainforests” to heart.

This first company he sold in 1996 and started Jim’s Organic Coffee. Jim’s is basically an extension of the first company. Still all-organic, still focused on high quality coffee.

Today, after 25 years of slow and steady growth, Jim’s Organic Coffee has grown to 18 people, all caring about what we do and the impact we have both on coffee and the people who enjoy our coffee. We are a hard working bunch, specializing in the roasting, packaging, shipping, customer service, sales, and quality control of coffee. We take great joy in being a part of your everyday coffee life and making the Jim’s Organic Coffee experience an enjoyable one.