Giving Back

Giving Back to Coffee Communities

At Jim’s Organic Coffee, we have always supported ways to improve the lives of coffee farmers in and around areas where our coffee is grown. While our daily business of buying, roasting and selling the finest organic coffees does in fact improve farmers’ conditions, we go beyond this by partnering with small charities to support children’s educational and community development projects in coffee-producing countries.

This philanthropy began with a pledge from sales of our Holiday Blend in 2003. As Jim’s Organic Coffee has grown, we’ve pledged our support to giving back projects year-round. Learn more about our Giving Back projects below.

Holiday Blend

Holiday Blend: A Special Way to Give Back

In 2022, alongside our other projects, we brought back seasonal charitable giving with our Holiday Blend.

10% of our sales of this coffee went to supporting education at the Adame Yirgacheffe Primary School in the region where Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is grown. This Giving Back initiative was made possible by our partnership with The Costa Foundation. Learn more about Holiday Blend:

Holiday Blend

Giving Back Projects: