Cold Brewing Organic Coffee

The cold brewing philosophy is that coffee maintains a cleaner taste by remaining cold throughout the entire brewing process. It requires a unique system (we use Toddy®) and patience, 12 hours to be exact. It is totally worth the wait as the cold brew method produces a ultra smooth, clean cup. The Toddy® method outlined here produces a coffee concentrate.

Step 1.

Make sure your Toddy® is clean, then Insert the rubber plug on the underside of the system. Wet the round filter and place it at the bottom of the Toddy®, then pour in one cup of cool water.

Step 2.

Over the water, evenly distribute one half (5-6 oz) of a bag of your favorite Jim’s Organic Coffee, coarsely ground. (We highly recommend our Sweet Love Blend and our Costa Rican coffees.)

Step 3.

In a slow, circular motion, pour three cups of cold water over the coffee, then add the remaining grinds (5-6 oz).

Step 4.

Add three more cups of water over the coffee, then with a large spoon or spatula, gently (to not disturb the bottom filter) press the top layer of coffee into the mixture soaking all the grinds.

Place the entire system (you can leave the unit uncovered, or cover with a plate, plastic wrap or foil) into your refrigerator and let chill for 12 hours.

Step 5.

Remove from the refrigerator and hold the Toddy® over a liquid storage vessel and release the plug. On a level surface, rest the system on top of the vessel until the entire concentrated cold brew mixture is drained.

Step 6.

Place ice into a glass, pour in your concentrated cold brew mixer and fill to one third to one half way, then top off with cold water.

Jim's notes:

You can also make cold brew using a French Press. Follow French Press instructions except use cold water and steep for 12 hours. My daughter who lived in Sweden for a bit taught me this.