Flash Brewing Organic Iced Coffee

Flash Brewing Iced Coffee is a quick and easy way to make iced coffee at home- no need to wait for cooling. Make this “flash brew” over ice to instantly cool and preserve the coffee’s distinct profile.

Step 1.

MEASURE: Measure coffee as you normally would for the amount you would like to yield

Step 2.

GRIND: Grind coffee fresh to a medium drip consistency, similar to kosher salt.

Step 3.

PREPARE: Use a scale to weigh ½ of the total finished amount in ice. For example: Desired Yield- One 8 oz cup, weigh 4 oz of ice.

Step 4.

BREW: Brew hot coffee with half the amount of water you typically would. You will be brewing a concentrate of strong coffee that will be diluted by the premeasured ice.

Step 5.

FINISH: Once brew cycle is done, stir iced with hot coffee to melt together. You will be left with a cool beverage that you can drink right away. Pour into a glass with more ice and enjoy!

Jim's notes:

As with hot coffee, it’s good to experiment with different brewing methods to find your favorite!