French Vanilla

French Vanilla

Roast: Light

Flavor Notes:

All natural French Vanilla flavor added to a mellow coffee base. A flavored classic! All of our flavored coffees use Central and/or South American coffees as a base. We then add flavorings from natural and organic compliant sources – extracts and the like.
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JIM's notes...

The trick to great flavored coffee is that you want to experience the flavor. Therefore, we use a mellow, not overpowering, coffee base to highlight the actual flavoring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
George from New Jersey, USA

I Love Jim's Coffee, French Vanilla is my favorite. I discovered Jim's Organic Coffee about a year and a half ago. I've tried a few different blends and they are all very good but the French Vanilla is my absolute favorite. It's rich and smooth and there is none of the bitter after taste that you experience with some coffees. It's by far the best french vanilla coffee you'll find anywhere. I drink my first cup every morning with organic butter and a couple drops of Stevia. Sometimes, later in the day, I'll have another cup with milk or heavy cream and a teaspoon of sugar. No matter how you drink it, it's wonderful. (my second favorite is Jo-Jo's blend).

Lindsay Brereton

This is the BEST French Vanilla coffee around! The others taste of chemicals or have. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time finding it in my local stores! It’s my absolute favorite though.

Hope Helme

I drink my coffee black and unsweetened. So with cream and sugar, this is a dessert-like treat. Generally though, for my second "cup" of the day (less caff), I love this blended about 1/4 part Vanilla to 3/4 part Jim's Decaf French Roast for just a hint of vanilla. Yum!


This is my grandsons and my favorite Jim’s flavored coffee...he likes it strong and black and I use cream...later in the day I mix 1/2 with the Sweet Nothings decaf for a special treat...

Nancy W Wood

I want whole bean