Jo-Jo's Java

Jo-Jo's Java

Roast: Medium Light

Flavor Notes:

A medium body, medium acidity coffee. Very basic but very, very good. This is a top seller as it is such a crowd pleaser.
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JIM's notes...

This one's for Jo-Jo. The bag features this poem:

For my wife, this blend of grace, full of aroma and good taste. You'll love its smoothness, it's never bitter. So relax with a cup, leave the kids with a sitter.

Customer Reviews

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Jim Humble
Smooth and satisfying

We just returned from the Big Island Hawaii and enjoyed several extremely good Kona and Ka'u coffee's. After returning home we found this Jim's Jo Jo's Java Organic light/medium roast at our local grocery. What a great, smooth, tasty cup! Thanks for making our mornings in North Carolina better.

Always come back to Jo Jo's!!

When Sprouts stopped selling Jo Jo's I was lost. Most coffee makes my tummy hurt because of the crazy acid. This doesn't!! And it tastes soooo good!

Sprouts then had a really good Italian coffee - from Italy and while different, liked it equally.

They discontinue that!! (I think the company had difficulty with logistics in USA)

Then I found your website and I'm now happy and content with my 5 pound bag of Jo Jo's.

If I could, I'd rotate with that Italian coffee, but let me tell you, the flavors and yumminess of Jo Jo's Blend is just so good it's impossible to get bored so I really don't need anything else!

I tried so many coffees when I couldn't get Jo Jo's locally anymore and they were all duds except one.

Those coffees with the citrus and or berry flavors are so gross to me, so I hope you never, ever stop making Jo Jo's!


Given a bag as a gift and love it. Most coffee tends to be too acidic for me but this is very smooth. Great job!


We too were drinking Sprouts organic breakfast blend and were finding it often sold out until a friend recommended Jo-Jo’s, also available at Sprouts and we haven’t gone back. Much like a breakfast blend itself, love the taste and smoothness.

Tom Bouse from Springfield, Mo

Cup a JoJo's! I'v been drinking JoJo's blend exclusively for a little over 2 years now and I must say its the best and smoothest coffee I've ever had. I now purchase JoJo's in 5 lb bags from Jim because the 12oz bags from my local retailer just don't last long enough. Keep roasting JoJo's Jim, and I'll be a customer for life!