Sumatra French Roast

Sumatra French Roast

Roast: Dark

Flavor Notes

Deeply rich with a dark edge. Perfect for a stormy day. The Lake Takengon region is in the northern tip of Sumatra, a 6 hour drive along the North Coast of the island and then straight up into the mountains. Our coffee comes from the Koperasi Utamagro Tani Gayo farmer coop, a group that works to provide each member with equal rights by fostering the professional development and financial wellbeing of members.
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JIM's notes...

Sumatra is the only straight single origin we offer as a dark roast. This is because it is completely unique. This is a coffee that is bold and deep to begin with and, when roasted dark, takes you to an even bolder and deeper place.

Customer Reviews

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Makes getting up worthwhile

I last reviewed this here back in 2016. It's still my go to coffee! Full bodied and flavorful.


My chiropractor hosted a Christmas party with Santa this year and this particular coffee was supplied and French pressed. I’m a black coffee drinker, usually drinking somewhere around 32oz/day. I usually break it up in the morning and afternoon to and from work, if not I’ll get sometimes the jitters I attributed to too much caffeine. The day at the chiropractor I drank 2 8oz cups of coffee, and to date single handedly the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. I immediately purchased the 5lb bag of the Sumatra French Roast. I’m not sure why, as I’ve tried 5 other types of Jim’s Coffee- this one really... I mean really gets me going lol. I have never had such a clear, open, aware thought process to when I drink this coffee. And I DO NOT get the gitters. It’s very interesting. I’ve even noticed when you come down from the caffeine you still have a clear, open, and aware thought process for hours later. I’ve decided I’m going to order a few more 5lb bags. I know I’ll go through it fast. I only wish they came in a zip container storage bag. I’ll be putting mine in very large mason jars once opened.


This Sumatra beautiful deep smooth flavorful is perfect, the only rub here is the price and size of bag 10 oz @ 14.50 not sure if I can buy

Lynn Lederer

our go to coffee

Jackie ervin

Great coffee. I don’t drink any other kind