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Exceptional coffee from exceptional origins.

At Jim’s, we know that organic beans yield the richest, most delicious coffee. Because organic farming takes the long view, coffee beans are allowed to mature slowly, creating deep, complex flavors that develop and mature when roasted. We carefully select every partner farm to ensure that each coffee flavor has a unique, memorable flavor. After all, there are no shortcuts when it comes to making exceptional coffee.

Colombian: Santa Marta
Medium roast. Deeply rich and opulent with milk chocolate-like notes.

Costa Rican: Hacienda La Amistad
Light roast. Silky texture in a bright even cup. Sunshiny.

Ethiopian: Sidamo Nuro Korate
Medium roast. A bold mocha character balanced with spice and lemon.

Guatemalan: Lake Atitlan Tzanchaj
Medium roast. Big, balanced taste with complex chocolate and berry notes.

Indonesian: Sumatra Takengon
Medium/light roast. Very full bodied with a syrupy earthiness.

Mexican: Chiapas Finca El Chorro
Light roast. A nutty, milk chocolate taste with an aromatic hint of orange peel.

Papua New Guinea: Korofeigu
Light roast. Nicely full-bodied with floral aroma and pleasant earthiness.

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