4 Simple Tips to Improve your Home Coffee

So your Jim's Organic Coffee has arrived at your doorstep... now what?

For many of us, our home kitchen has replaced our favorite coffee shop. So how do we brew café quality coffee, every morning? Follow the four tips below for a delicious cup of Jim's, every time you brew.

#1 Grind Fresh

The grind is often overlooked as a key to great coffee. As a general rule, the faster the brew method, the finer the grind.

  • Single Cup: Fine
  • Automatic ‘Pot’: Drip
  • French Press or Cold Brew: Coarse

If you have a grinder, use it. If you don’t, with all the coffee you’re drinking at home, now would be a good time to invest in one!

#2 Proportion

Tend toward using more coffee, not less. 2 tablespoons per 6 oz cup (that’s a tiny cup) is the starting point. Because of the lower density, make it a heaping tablespoon if using a dark roast. Even at $14.00/lb, a strong cup of coffee is just $0.65/cup... that’s definitely a bit lower than what you pay at the coffee shop! For true ‘coffee house quality’, the proportion is 1 gram coffee to 15-18 grams of water. To learn more, visit our our Brewing Guides by clicking How To Brew in our main menu.

#3 Use Hot Water

The best tasting coffee is brewed at 200+ degrees, just off the boil. This is why we prefer home methods like single cup pourover, Chemex, and French Press. Your stove kettle can get the water hot enough to properly extract, while most Auto Drip machines do not. Hot water = great extraction.

#4 Use Clean Equipment

You’ve cleaned everything else in the house... have you cleaned the coffee maker? If you’re using a standard drip ‘pot’, rinse the ‘brew basket’ with hot soapy water after each use.

Once a month run a cycle of 50/50 water/white vinegar through the pot by adding it to the reservoir. Stop the brew half way to allow the mixture to soak inside the machine, then resume the brew. Discard the vinegar/water and make sure to run plain water through twice after to remove the vinegar taste.

Final Thoughts

For those really looking to up the home brewing coffee game, there are some great home brewing coffee kits available online. Some of our favorites are: Fellow Products, Bodum, Chemex, Acaia, and SCA Home Brewer.

And of course home brewing is best when the coffee is incredible. Click here to shop Jim's Organic Coffee: SHOP NOW

Photo credit: Jim's Instagram fan @ashleyslauter