Coffee Report: Colombian

Our latest 'lot' of Colombian has arrived from a group of farms called Kachalu, where we have been sourcing fine coffee from for many years. The Kachalu farms surround a forest preserve, managed by Fundacion Natura, that protects an endangered species of Andean oak. The farms are part of the Rainforest Alliance certification program and provide habitat for a rich diversity of birds and wildlife. Studies conducted by the National Coffee Research Center in 2004 reported 96 bird species in the Kachalu farm region - a population the the Center attributes to the wide variety of native trees that shade the coffee - including ingas, eritrynas, cedars, ficus, albizzias and tubebuias. According to Gilberto Manrique Diaz, a Kachalu group member, "The Rainforest Alliance certification, in addition to our Organic certification, gave us breathing space and energy to continue fighting to conserve the wealth of our forests. It gave us awareness." Another farmer, Mauricio Ardila Parra, acknowledges, "I used to harvest the bananas on my coffee farm and sell them in town at the local market, just to put a few more pennies in my pocket. I don't do that anymore, because it's just so gratifying to watch the parrots enjoying the bananas on my farm." The "cup" is particularly fantastic. It has all the richness that Colombia is famous for, as well as a nice berry character that gives it true balance, depth and wonderful aromatics.  Click here to order our Colombian.