Holiday Blend Donation Supplies New Science Lab

“I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulation progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research.” - Albert Einstein, 1931

Jim’s Organic Coffee is committed to giving back to the coffee-growing areas around the world, and each year we donate a portion of sales from our Holiday Blend (a Jim’s original blend of Ugandan, other African, and Central American coffees) to a community in need. With a core belief that education improves lives, it is natural for Jim’s to partner with two outstanding international charities, Child Aid and The Costa Foundation. Both make lasting differences with education and literacy programs for impoverished children in coffee communities around the world. Over the last few years, we donated Jim’s Holiday Blend funds to Kasese, a coffee-growing region in Uganda. Without any secondary schools, the children either trek long distances through the Rwenzori Mountains to continue an education, or simply drop out. Most, as you can imagine, drop out. Kasese has one of East Africa’s highest birthrates (seven children per adult female) so The Costa Foundation knew they had to step in and help this impoverished coffee community. And, help they did! They built the Bwesumbu PEAS High School, housing eight classrooms and 274 students. Now an expansion is underway and they are building a brand new Science Lab. Thanks to our Holiday Blend fundraising efforts, our donation went directly to purchase supplies for this new Lab! On September 23, 2015 The Costa Foundation Manager Piers Blake sent us updates on the new Science Lab, via email: Jim, I trust you’re well. I’m just writing to keep you in the loop regarding the construction of a new science lab at Bwesumbu High School. As you know; the Trustees granted funds for a new science lab for the school back in May 2015 along with an additional $5,000 USD of restricted funds for science equipment as kindly donated by you. Construction work at Bwesumbu is just getting underway now and I’m pleased to advise you that the science lab (plus your equipment) will be ready for the start of the new school year in February 2016. I have attached the latest update report for Bwesumbu which whilst a bit limited in content should at least comfort you that work is now underway. I will keep you posted as the work progresses Jim and should be visiting the school W/C 14th March 2016 when I’ll make sure that I capture images and video footage for you. Kind regards Piers Blake Costa Foundation Manager    

We then received this wonderful update in the December 2015 Progress Report:

The substructure of the laboratory block has been completed, and the superstructure is currently under construction. Roofing and external finishes will follow. PEAS will procure laboratory equipment, kindly funded by Jim’s Organic Coffee once the building has been completed. This includes materials and supplies for physics, chemistry and biology lessons.     We are so grateful for the work of The Costa Foundation, and for all of you coffee lovers out there who purchase our Holiday Blend year after year. Together we are making a difference for many deserving children coffee communities.