Tastefully Decaffeinated

Swiss Water Process Logo Many coffee lovers can’t have caffeine. We don’t think this means they have to sacrifice taste, or worse, give up coffee all together. So, as an all organic coffee roaster, we proudly partner with The Swiss Water® Process. This is an all-natural, certified organic decaffeination method that maintains the integrity our high-quality beans. The folks at Swiss Water® love coffee as much as we do. Just as we patiently source the highest quality organic coffee from farm to roast to brew, they carefully take out the caffeine - without compromising the flavor.
Jim’s notes:

If you remember the 'decaf wars' of the late 80's, I was there and spent plenty of time learning about decaf. I have always preferred Swiss Water® to other methods for its superior taste. I wouldn’t decaffeinate our coffee any other way.

The Swiss Water® Process is multifaceted and very scientific, so they were kind enough to simplify it in these four steps (Downloadable PDF): 

Coffee Bar with Swiss Water Logo

  1. Green (unroasted) coffee beans are immersed in water that is super-saturated with soluble coffee components minus caffeine. We call it Green Coffee Extract (GCE).
  2. The GCE flows over the green coffee beans. Looking for equilibrium, the caffeine in those coffee beans begins to migrate into the GCE.
  3. The GCE now contains caffeine but not for long. It flows through carbon filters that trap the caffeine molecules, and the GCE is refreshed.
  4. Repeat. This happens for 10 hours (while we monitor time, temperature and flow), resulting in green coffee beans that are 99.9% caffeine-free.
We encourage you to visit their website to learn more. Because of their TLC, all of our decafs can keep their super clean taste. And as if this isn’t fabulous enough, Swiss Water®, like Jim’s Organic Coffee, also chooses to do business in sustainable ways. They maintain many certifications and also support worthy causes in coffee growing areas around the world. For those who cannot have caffeine, we are proud to offer you five deliciously decaffeinated organic coffees: Together Decaf, Sweet Nothings Decaf, Espresso Roast Decaf, French Roast Decaf and our all natural Hazelnut Decaf. It’s time to brew again.