The Benefits of Organic

THANK YOU for Choosing Organic! Your choice to purchase organic coffee not only results in a better tasting cup of coffee, it helps the environment! Jim's Organic Coffee is sourced from around the world - from Guatemala and Costa Rica in the west to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea in the East.


Environmental Benefits of Organic Coffee

How does organic coffee make a difference? Here are just a few of the benefits of shade grown organic coffee, vs sun grown (or "conventional") coffee:

Preserves Biodiversity

Monoculture crops like sun grown coffee minimize plant and animal diversity and destabilize natural food webs. Compared to shaded farms, an estimated 95% fewer birds are found on sun plantations.

Shade grown = More plants and animals!

Protecting Forests

Unfortunately, deforestation goes hand-in-hand with sun-grown coffee, and is a major contributor to global warming. Shade grown coffee does what the name says - grows coffee under the shade of trees, in forests at high elevation.

Reduces Carbon in the Atmosphere

Not only do the abundant trees in shade-grown coffee farms help keep carbon out of the atmosphere, we now know that organic farming actually REDUCES carbon by sequestering carbon in the soil. Researchers at the University of Maryland in collaboration with The Organic Center found organic farmers could increase the amount of carbon captured in the soil by double digits by adopting best organic farming practices.

Reduces Exposure to Pesticides

Shade grown coffee uses natural pest control provided by native birds and insects. No harmful toxic chemicals and fertilizers are deployed; protecting the farmers who work with them, as well as local water sources, soil, and the coffee beans themselves. In fact, a new study in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science finds conventional coffee plants were attacked as much or more than organic coffee plants, proving that non-chemical pest control can be just as or even more effective.

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