The Wonderful WonderBrew

WonderbrewIf you ever talk to our lead customer service team member Tiffany, you’ve probably heard her tell you about her favorite coffee in our lineup. Wonderbrew is such a special blend that is super syrupy and absolutely drinkable. I find myself drinking cup after cup of this coffee because it’s just so smooth and delicious. This is also a fun coffee to tell people about, because of what makes up the blend. I sometimes like to call it “Black & Tan” because when you open the bag, you’ll see a mix of both light and dark beans. Here’s what goes into making a bag of our Wonderbrew. IndonesiaThe lighter beans that make up this blend come from our Indonesian Sumatra coffee. This coffee adds a heavy body and syrupiness to the blend. Jim was one the very first roasters to purchase organic coffee from Sumatra. Since then, organic production has increased steadily due to the farmers seeing first-hand how organic farming helps them financially, in terms of higher qualities and yields. Our coffee is from the Koperasi Utamagro Tani Gayo farmer coop in Takengon, within Gayo Mountain. Here small-scale farms are interplanted with tea, cinnamon, and chili plants. The cup is consistently spice-like with syrupy depth giving it a unique character as a single origin or when used in blends.The darker component of the blend gives the Wonderbrew a deep rich chocolate flavor with plenty of sweetness. This central American blend component is actually made of our Vienna Roast. Inspired by the art, music and tasty sweets of Vienna, this milder dark roast offers subtle notes of dark chocolate and orange peel. Expertly roasting ‘past’ for tart notes of coffee, it is our most difficult roast to achieve on a consistent basis. Our Vienna is the lightest of the darks and dances the fine line between very full-bodied and ‘tasting the roast.’ Poetic balance. What is really fun about the Wonderbrew is that you can taste the individual components in our Indonesian Sumatra Takengon & Vienna Roast. If you’ve ever thought about doing a coffee tasting, this is a great place to start. Taste each of the components individually and then together as the Wonderbrew. Can you taste what each coffee gives to the final cup? Shop Now: Wonderbrew