Video: Making Cold Brew at Home

It's easy to make Cold Brew Coffee right at home! Follow these simple french press brewing instructions for ultra-smooth, full-bodied cold brew coffee that can be enjoyed for up to two weeks. Making Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press at Home Video Transcript Cold brew coffee, as you probably know, is all the rage; and for good reason - it's delicious! The cold brew method brews coffee over a much longer period of time, and brews cold, rather than hot. It doesn't extract as much of the acidity of the coffee, resulting in an ultra-smooth, full-bodied taste. It lasts for up to 2 weeks after you prepare it, and is very simple to make! Follow these easy instructions for your very own cold brew coffee at home: Step 1: Grind the Coffee The coffee grind for a french press cold brew is the same as for a normal french press: a coarse grind. In a coarse grind, the particles are larger, like sea salt. The coarse grind allows for a longer brewing time for both the french press and cold brew method, and allows you to plunge the french press properly once it's done brewing. Step 2: Add Coffee In order to make the stronger cold brew in the french press, you'll use 50% more coffee than usual. French presses, like all coffee brewers, come in all shapes and sizes, so you can estimate the amount of coffee needed based on the french press plunger. Normally, you would fill up the french press with coffee to where the plunger rests inside [see video for visual], and with Cold Brew, you'll use approximately 50% more than that amount. That's going to be nice and strong, but of course you want to adjust to taste. Surprise surprise, I like my coffee strong, so I tend to do a rounded tablespoon and bump up the volume a bit. That is a practice makes perfect kind of thing - you'll find what's right for you. Step 3: Add Water Add room temperature water or cold water to the french press. You'll want to pour it in a circular motion, which will help saturate the grounds. Use a spoon to mix in the grounds on the top, making sure all grounds are immersed in the water. When you cap off the french press, push the plunger down slightly, ensuring that all the grinds are saturated. Step 4: Refrigerate for 24 Hours. Step 5: Plunge the Grinds After 24 hours, remove your cold brew from the fridge, and press on the french press handle to slowly plunge the grinds. The result is a thick, delicious coffee syrup. Step 6: Pour and Enjoy! Pour your cold brew over ice for a delicious, chilled beverage. Step 7: Store for up to 2 weeks. Once your cold brew french press is complete, it's important that you remove it from the french press, because you don't want it sitting with the grinds or it's going to continue to brew. Transfer the cold brew that you'd like to store into a pitcher, and keep in the fridge. Enjoy your cold brew, and cheers! - JIM Cold brew can be made with any of our coffees, but we recommend our Sweet Love Blend.