Coffee Recipes for Valentine's Day & Spring

We’re back with more coffee drink recipes! This time we’re focused on the classic Valentine's Day treats along with some floral notes to remind us that spring will be here soon.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cold Brew

This classic flavor combination compliments our Sweet Love Blend perfectly.

1 Tbsp strawberry jam
½ oz chocolate sauce
8 oz Sweet Love Blend cold brew- see our recipe HERE
1 full cup of ice
Cocktail shaker

Add chocolate and strawberry jam to your cocktail shaker. Fill your serving glass with ice to the top, then fill ¾ of the way full with cold brew. Pour cold brew and ice into cocktail shaker with the flavorings. Shake vigorously to create foam. Pour all contents of shaker back in to the cup- the shaking creates a nice foam layer and a cascading effect. Garnish with sliced or dehydrated strawberry or a shake of cocoa powder.

Red Velvet Latte

A sweet & earthy drink with a natural pink color!

1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
½ Tbsp Beetroot Juice
2 Pumps Vanilla Syrup
Espresso Jimbo
Steamed milk with microfoam
Garnish: Whipped Cream


Add first 3 ingredients to the bottom of the cup and stir to combine with espresso. Steam milk as you would for a latte and pour directly over espresso mixture. Garnish with whipped cream.

Vanilla Rose Coffee

A light & floral flavor combination - perfect for the spring season!

1 Tbsp local honey
1 tsp rose water
10 oz hot coffee- we recommend WonderBrew

Add your flavorings to the bottom of a mug. Stir together with 1-2 oz of hot coffee to dissolve honey, then pour in the rest of your hot coffee. You can add milk or more sugar if needed. This also tastes great as an iced coffee, just shake with ice to dissolve the honey.