Quick & Easy Iced Coffee

While some people prefer hot coffee only, cold coffee is gaining popularity year after year. Cold brew has become a staple in coffee shops and restaurants, and even homes. You may not know the difference between cold brew and iced coffee, or you may prefer one to the other, but the thing is - they’re both great! Just like there are multiple ways to brew hot coffee from French press to espresso, there’s all different ways to make a cold coffee too. Cold brew requires steeping coffee grounds with water without heat over longer periods of time. It can be smooth, sweet and heavy bodied and that’s why people like them so much. Check out our brew guide to learn how to make your own. But sometimes you don’t have the time to wait hours for your coffee... then, iced coffee is your perfect solution. Iced coffee differs from cold brew because it is brewed hot and then cooled down. This allows for a different kind of extraction and allows you to drink it soon after. While an easy way to make iced coffee is to brew a pot and let it cool, there’s a much faster way that creates even better flavor. For a really fresh tasting coffee you want to cool it down as fast as possible. We like to flash chill the coffee by pouring it directly over ice. This will preserve its fresh brewed flavor- if you leave it to cool in the pot or even in the fridge, coffee starts to oxidize and may taste bitter or stale. To account for the ice (and so we don’t water the coffee down) we use less water in our hot brew. What’s even better is you can use ANY brew method and recipe that you typically use for your hot coffee. Easy! How do you make flash brewed iced coffee in less than 5 minutes? Watch the video below or click here for here for step-by-step directions.