Around the World with our Single Origin Coffees

“Where is your coffee from?” customers will often ask us. The answer to the question isn’t as simple as you may imagine. All of the Jim’s Organic Coffee that you receive, whether purchased in a store or directly from us, comes from our roastery on the south coast of Massachusetts.

But before that the coffee comes to us from all over the world, LITERALLY. We purchase green coffee from every major growing region. That’s part of what gives our coffee so much character. We look for flavor profiles and communities to work with that are diverse! Each coffee growing region has its own story and taste that we love to share with our customers, whether in our signature blends or our single origin features. Let’s take a tour around the globe and learn what makes each coffee special.


Starting in a country known as the birthplace of coffee – Ethiopia - We have our Sidamo Nura Korate coffee. It’s grown by smallholder famers as part of the Sidamo Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union and carries a fair-trade certification. It’s grown under the shade of indigenous trees and enset, a flowering plant in the banana family. We sell this single origin coffee as a medium roast to bring out a comforting mocha and spice with a full body.

Flavor notes of lemon are what really attracted to Jim to this particular coffee and growing region. The coffee also has wonderful spice notes to compliment the lemon. Some of our favorite limited-edition coffees have been from Africa as well. In 2019 alone we featured two natural coffees from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia as well as a washed coffee from Kenya.

Central/South America:

One of the farms that we’ve been buying from for over a decade is located in Chiapas, Mexico. Our Chiapas Finca El Chorro comes from the high-altitude mountains of Sierra Madres. With a focus on wildlife conservation and preserving a sustainable microclimate, Finca El Chorro has earned the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Friendly certification and is home to over 100 species of birds and 200 different plants.

Coffee is grown under the shade of Teak, Spanish Cedar & Mahogany hardwood trees. A biodiverse farm with sustainable farming practices creates a climate for a delicious cup with notes of milk chocolate and citrus.

We have a special connection to our coffee from the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. Another group that we’ve partnered with for over a decade is the AAPOSA co-op. As part of our commitment to this strong partnership and the farming community of the Lake Atitlan region, JOC has been the prime beneficiary to the school and library in Tzanchaj.

Working with Child Aid, Jim’s has provided books for classrooms, increased teacher trainings and supported increased literacy in the community where our coffee is grown. Guatemalan Lake Atitlan Tzanchaj coffee is one of my personal favorites, because if it’s rich chocolate-cake like notes and hints of berry.

Costa Rica Hacienda La Amistad is a light and bright sunshine-y coffee from a beautiful farm. La Amistad sits on a tract of 40,000 + acre tract in unspoiled rainforest. Farmer Roberto Montero runs his farm completely of the grid, growing his own fruits and vegetables using hydro-electric power and keeping the surrounding rainforest untouched. His farming practices keep the natural flora & fauna thriving. This coffee has sparkling acidity- a great choice if you like fruity notes or using special single brew methods.

Our most popular single origin offering is from Colombia. Our Santa Marta Montesierra is a medium roast with a mellow taste and full rich body-lots of milk chocolate flavor. The coffee is grown in the mountainsides in the north of Colombia, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Here the mountains rise dramatically from a calm beach to rainforest conditions at ideal coffee elevation. Cloud cover over the mountain ridge captures moisture, producing high quality, large, rich coffee beans under rainforest shade.

Southeast Asia/Oceania:

Indonesia has two single origins in our lineup, one light roast and one dark. Our Sumatra French Roast is dark and toasty with sweet syrupy notes, dark chocolate and hint of smoke. This coffee is dark and rich and the flavor notes are reminiscent of s’mores. The light roast version of the Indonesian Takengon has hints of fresh strawberry and a VERY full body. The coffee is grown in Northern Sumatra by the Koperasi Utamagro Tani Gayo farmer co-op and is interplanted with tea, cinnamon and chili plants.

West of Indonesia is Papua New Guinea, where our Korofeigu single origin is produced. The Korofeigu Farmer’s Cooperative Society consists of 97 members who grow coffee in a mountainous region covered with native shade trees. Lightly roasting highlights it’s low acidity-this coffee has a sweet and earthy aroma with floral notes.


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